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Customer Reviews

“Dear Sirs

For the past 18 months I have made an average of two to three online

purchases every week from a large number of suppliers and I am writing to say that your Company has provided the most efficient service I have ever received.

The order was placed in the early hours of Friday morning on July 4th with

the item scheduled for delivery by 9.30 am on Saturday July 5th. The

delivery company Interlink Express fulfilled their commitment and the PCI

board that you supplied was installed by 9.35 am.

It was a delight to do business with your Company.

Thank you.”

Richard Kuttner

“Thank you for all your advice and recommendations for our 64 bit operating system. When other companies failed to deliver, Roalan was there to save the day.

Mark S. Doherty, Londonderry Port

Great! Many Thanks. Really appreciate the way you’ve handled the exchange w/refund! Whenever I need another specialty card, I won’t hesitate to visit your homepage again. Looking forward to the FW800 being delivered.

Kind regards, Alexander”

Dr. A.v.Schaik Consultancy BV

“Dear Kumar,

how fast! thank you very much: The more I ask for help (I called once before) the more I think I really bought the right card from the right company. Coming back to my system, thank you for the very accurate calculations. It gives me a lot of room for choosing a smaller power supply, which should be cheaper.

Thank you for your time and courtesy,have nice day,



“Hi Roger,

My client bought the PP500, and we received the cards early this week. We installed the card yesterday and it worked a treat, the dongle plugged it and we were able to activate the licence manager with no worries.

Thanks a lot.”

Joseph J Zangara, Queensland Government, Australia


Thank you for your email. It was one of the most relevant and useful support replies we have received in a very long time.

The installation went extremely well and these cards replace terminal servers costing six times as much!


Keith,  Telerate London

“Just to say thanks for the USB2-4COM.  My fears were groundless, I just plugged it in, it found the Vista-64 drivers by itself (possibly I’ve installed them before) and came up as four COM ports first time, unlike many USB-serial adaptors I’ve had the misfortune to encounter.  This is going to be perfect for remote controlling numbers of radios and I’ll be recommending it in the relevant groups.”

Regards, JJ, Softrax


I received my low profile firewire card today and I can now connect my iPod to my PC. Thank you so much for all your help, you have been a life saver.

Kris Knoxville, Tennessee USA

The product came very quickly, thank you! And it worked nicely as a real printer port as I expected.

Best Regards,”

Juha Laaksonen, Planmeca, Finland

“Hello Kumar,

We successfully installed the software and it's working now.

Thanks for your great support!


Lee Etheredge,Projectdirectie C2000,Projectdirectie Beheer afdeling, Zeisterweg 1 projecten, 3984 NH Odijk  

“Hello Kumar!!

We have now installed both the PCI-X card and Rainbows sentinal driver by the Automatic installer I downloaded! It worked perfect!

thank you very much for the quick answer!

best regards”

Sammy, Tryckeri AB Ljusnan, Stationsgatan 8, Box 1059, 821 12 Bollnäs Sweden

“Many Thanks,

Item [BT232] arrived safe and sound today the 22nd December 2004, far quicker

than I had ever expected from the other side of the world - already in

and working, very easy to configure!

An efficient service which will be recommended locally.

Thank you


Kim WILLIAMS, Perth, Western Australia

“Dear Roger,

Thank you for the reply, we are actually amazed by the quick delivery because we have received the goods this morning. Thanks.  

Best Regards,”

Marc Huang, Phyllis Co., Ltd., Taiwan