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PCIe Gigabit Ethernet NICs

Silicom is an industry-leading supplier of innovative, high performance/throughput-enhancing network connectivity solutions to the IT industry’s leading manufacturers of network appliances, servers and server-based systems.

For over 25 years, Silicom’s reputation for innovation and technological superiority, together with Silicom’s rapid

customization abilities, has made Silicom the partner of choice for a broad cross-section of industry leaders – from Fortune–100 giants to rapidly-growing niche players. Responding to market needs, Silicom continuously add to the range of our innovative product lines, ranging currently from network adapters, to Bypass switches for assuring continuity, to our most recent addition, the SETAC (Server To Appliance Converter) kits and modules, along with new line rate and Time-Stamping solutions.

Silicom’s  main product lines include:

  • Multi-port Ethernet server adapters: 2, 4 and 6–port extenders for copper and fiber optic networks for 1GB or 10GB environments with and without fail-over bypass.

  • Bypass switches: Plug and play, high-speed active and passive bypass failure protection with secure protocol control options.

  • SETAC (Server To Appliance Converter): innovative kits and modules that enable the use ofstandard branded servers as the basis for building customized network appliances.

  • DNA: an innovative driver acceleration software solution which enables the achievement of line rate speeds in 10GB and 1GB environments (14.8 mpps with 64 byte packets)

  • Lib Zero: A software framework to enable line rate, zero copy, load balancing and packet bounce across multiple cores, threads and applications.

Networking Intelligent Adapters:

  • Time Stamping Adapter: Silicom’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCI-e Intel-based Time Stamping server adapter.
  • DPI – Network Processor Adapter: Silicom’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E NetLogic Packet Processor Server adapter for IDS, IPS, UTM, VPN, Firewall systems.
  • Filtering Adapter: Silicom’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCI-e Redirector NIC for processing,monitoring or bypassing packets based on defined filtering rules.

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