When you buy from Roalan you will be treated well. You will get a high-quality product which will not cost you a fortune and you will get more satisfaction out of your purchase than you expected.

The expertise in finding the correct product for the customers’ requirements makes Roalan a favourite supplier to many large industrial companies, distributors, computer integrators and end consumers.

The understanding of the need for good product technical support and warranty, as well as the ability to supply when needed, either small or large quantities, gives flexibility and confidence to the purchaser.

Roalan was established in 1987 and has always taken pride in selecting the best products and selling internationally to customers large and small. We source products to meet the needs of our customers, from world class suppliers and manufacturers, which means you can have confidence in your purchase. We are always keen to add innovative products to our selection and will add products you require if we see a market potential. If for any reason the purchaser or user is not satisfied, we provide excellence in customer service to resolve issues, in some cases with direct access to product designers. This first class support is backed by our full warranty.

The company’s team has over 50 years experience in electronic systems and understands the challenges faced by designers and installers from consumer to those working on industrial mission critical systems.

Our wide customer base covers, for example: