Roalan supply professional industrial computer interfaces: USB to Serial RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN Bus to Ethernet and USB, Ethernet to ModBus, Bluetooth to Serial, Cellular 3G/4G to Serial, LAN and WLAN.

Roalan have been supplying electronics communication and interconnection products since 1987.

The expertise in finding the correct product for the customers’ requirements makes Roalan a favourite supplier to many large industrial companies, distributors, computer integrators and end consumers.


Raspberry Pi Neuron Edge Industrial Controller
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Ethernet to Serial
Ethernet to serial
ModBus Ethernet Gateways
ModGate Plus
Cellular Modems
Cellular modems
USB To Serial
Cellular Routers
Cellular routers
CanBus Adapters
CANBUS adaptors
Sharing USB over Ethernet and Internet
Bluetooth To Serial
WCS 232
EasyLog ModBus Data Logger

EasyLog ModBus Data Logger
Axxon Industrial PCI Express (PCIe) RS232 Serial Adapters
Axxon Industrial PCI Express (PCIe) RS422/485 Adapters

Roalan, established in 1987, provides M2M connectivity for industry. Our solutions give you simple, reliable communication and control of your equipment globally.

Interfacing is our speciality. We provide interfaces for Serial, ModBus, CAN Bus, Ethernet, USB and Cellular Networks.

When you buy from Roalan you will be treated well. You will get a high quality product which will not cost you a fortune and you will get more satisfaction out of your purchase than you expected.

When there are technical problems, we provide direct access to product designers.