Long Range ModBus Wireless Bridge

NetLink allows devices with serial / Ethernet port to communicate between each other wirelessly up to 1 km


Wireless communication link

Netlink enables the data transmission remotely through radio communication.
It has been specially studied to create acqusition networks distributed without making wirings.
Thanks to the multiple Netlink interfaces, it allows the following functions:
– Serial/serial radio Bridge (RS232 and RS485)
– Serial/Ethernet radio Bridge and viceversa
– Ethernet/Ethernet radio Bridge
– Ethernet/serial converter

The configuration APP enables all the parameters settings and the saving on Netlink through the NFC
These are the most common applications:
• Communication between master and Slave
• Ethernet/serial protocol conversion
• Wireless data remotely transmission (3/500m) • RS232/RS485 protocol conversion

General features
• Ethernet port: 10-100Mb/s
• RS485 port: 1200-115200bps –
• RS232 port: 1200-115200bps –
• Front alert LED
• Size: 90x60x17mm, 1 DIN module
• Operating temperature -20°C +60°C

Electric features
• Power supply: 10-40VDC/19-28VAC
• Average absorption: <: 1,5W
• NFC interfaces for the configuration
• Radio module: 868MHz