DIN Rail Ethernet – Serial Converter

MDB-E works independently from the protocol by connecting all the protocols based on TCP / IP with the serial ones in a completely transparent way. This DIN rail to serial converter simplifies the configuration and installation of the bridge.

It has been designed and produced for industrial environments; it is robust and it has an extended temperature range.


DIN Rail Serial Converter

DIN Rail Ethernet to Serial Converter

DIN Rail to Serial RS232/485 Interface

MDB-E is a bidirectional converter between the Ethernet communication channel and RS232 / RS485 serial channels. Therefore, it allows all devices equipped with a serial port to communicate with software or cards on Ethernet communication. MDB-E also acts as an RS232 / RS485 converter.Thanks to the NFC interface (Near Field Communication) the configuration is very simple and practical. A dedicated APP allows you to read, modify and set all device parameters. The galvanic isolation of the serial ports ensures protection for all connected instruments and is a guarantee of isolation from the rest of the system.

This Ethernet – Serial converter has been specifically designed for industrial environments, equipped with 10-30Vdc extended range power supply and with protection on the serial port thanks to galvanic isolation.
It is easily programmable thanks to a dedicated APP and the integrated NFC interface, they do not require any additional software for configuration.


DIN Rail WiFi to Serial Converter