Your IoT and M2M Terminal Solutions

Since 2002 GateTel has been developing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf and OEM devices, including End-To-End solutions for the IoT markets.


Device applications include:Temperature monitoring, Telematics, Telemetry, Asset management and more.

Cloud IoT Services

GateTel’s devices include seamless connectivity with cloud services. Customers can select a Cloud platform that is provided by GateTel, or set up their own private Cloud.


GateTel devices enable customers to communicate through various secured/ encrypted communication protocols, VPNs and more.


GateTel devices have been designed for mobile applications with small form factor, low power consumption, wide operating temperature range and robust construction.

Raspberry PI Cellular Router EZmoto Series

The EZmoto is a 3G or 4G Cellular Router solution (with GPS) connected to Raspberry PI.
Optimized for M2M communications. Delivers secure remote data with multiple interface options and enables both Wireless and Ethernet connectivity.

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M2M Metering Applications EZ863H Series

The EZ863H is a complete system solution for many M2M metering applications such as Gate control, Cellular alert systems, automatic meter reading (AMR), and more.

The unit includes a modem engine of Telit xE910 family with Python and microcontroller with extended peripheral IOs.

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Automatic Meter Reading GT Series

GT-xE910 devices are complete system solutions for many AVL, Telemetry, Control, as well as  M2M metering applications such as automatic meter reading (AMR), pulse counting, and more.

Each device includes a modem engine of Telit xE910 family with Python and micro-controller for external watchdog.

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Stand-alone Battery LTE Cat-M EZPG Series

The EZPG is a complete system solution for LTE Cat-M Primary Battery application, based on Telit LTE Cat-M ME910C1-WW and 14Ah battery. The unit includes a microcontroller for watchdog and 2 digital inputs, 1 analog input, 5-24- vdc output for 4-20ma sensors.


Gate control, temperature monitoring and lots more AM1

The AM1 is a complete system solution for LTE Cat-M and BLE 5 Gateway application, Based on Telit LTE Cat M ME910C1-WW and Telit BLE BlueMod S50, the unit includes a microcontroller for watchdog, real-time 2 digital inputs operation, and Relay 10A

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Mobile Phone Gate Controller EZgate

EZgate is the smart way to control your Gate. Use your mobile phone as a remote control, call your gate and it will open. 

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The SWH is a small form factor portable 2G/3G/4G modem board with GPS optional.

The SWH can connect to your controller via UART or USB.

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