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Modbus has become a de facto standard communication protocol and is now a commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices. Modbus is popular in industrial environments because it is openly published and royalty-free. It was developed for industrial applications, is relatively easy to deploy and maintain compared to other standards, and places few restriction.

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ModBus Ethernet Serial Gateway


ModGate Plus connects 1 to 8 Modbus serial lines to a network running TCP/IP

ModBus Ethernet Gateways are easy-to-use interfaces between your ModBus equipment and the Ethernet LAN or WLAN.

Modbus Gateways connect a network with serial Modbus lines. They convert Modbus/TCP on the network to Modbus/RTU or Modbus/ASCII on the serial connection.

ModBus Data Logger

EasyLog ModBus RTU TCPData Logger

GSM 3G/4G ModBus Data Logger

ModBus Data Logger

EasyNET Modbus is a data logger that allows interfacing with all ModBus RTU and TCP devices in a simple way without knowing how to program.

Using the 4G modem or the Ethernet connection, EasyNET sends data to users (via e-Mail and FTP) or to remote servers for management via the WEB portal.

Control ModBus Devices from your smart phone

Smartphone ModBus Check and Control

Control ModBus devices on your mobile phone.Instantly Links Fieldbus & Modbus® Equipped Industrial Systems to Mobile Devices and Cloud

TapNPass wireless adapters transform existing industrial equipment into wireless connected systems to facilitate on-site interventions for commissioning, audits, maintenance and software updates