EasyLog ModBus RTU TCPData Logger

Easylog ModBus Data Logger

EasyLog ModBus RTU TCP Data Logger  is dedicated to real-time recording and data analysis. Using the 4G modem or Ethernet connection,
EasyLog sends data to users (e-Mail and FTP) or remote servers for management via a portal. The most
widespread applications are: metering (Energy, Water, Gas), water treatment, renewable, industrial and
process control, thermal power measurements, agro-food monitoring

ModBus Analyzer Viewer

MQTT (the standard for IoT messaging) data logger for ModBus RTU & TCP devices.

EasyLog will interface with all your Modbus RTU and TCP devices

EasyLog is a ModBus RTU TCP datalogger that allows reading data from ModBus RTU and TCP devices, it is easy to use and install. It can send data remotely via FTP and MQTT protocol.

The novelty of this device is its remarkable simplicity and ease of use. In fact, EasyLog ModBus RTU TCP datalogger is configured via a web interface from which it is possible to set all the parameters relating to communication, sampling times and the method of sending data remotely. This ModBus datalogger stores data on an SD card. Stored data can be sent remotely via FTP protocol or directly to the Cloud via MQTT protocol. The WEB configuration interface allows quick access to all system parameters, ModBus registers and variables to be stored.

EasyLog’s innovative features include the ability to import and export configuration libraries for the most popular ModBus instruments on the market today. This saves time during configuration and installation, and above all means there is no need to learn complicated programming languages or protocols.


EasyLog Modbus Data Logger is very easy to use:

  1. Connect Easylog to a power supply (10-40VDC/19-28VAC)
  2. Connect RS485 cable
  3. Connect to your network with an Ethernet cable or by WiFi
  4. Insert the SD card in its input box. EasyLog is compatible with all the SD cards up to 64GB
  5. Search for http://easylog.local on a web browser
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to set up the EasyLog ModBus Data Logger

General characteristics

  • Manage up to 150 variables or up to 1000 with the XL version.
  • 10-100Mb/s Ethernet port
  • DIN rail guide attachment (1 module)
  • Frontal panel LED signalling
  • Dimensions 90x70x65 mm
  • Working temperature -20°C +60°C
  • CE Certification (EN 61000-6-2,EN 61000-6-4 Norms)
  • Power supply 10-40VDC/19-28VAC
  • Power consumption <: 1,5W
  • N. 1 RS485 serial interface (1200÷115200bps)
  • Integrated 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module

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