Easylog XL ModBus Data Logger

EasyLog XL is a data logger that allows interfacing with all ModBus RTU and TCP devices in a simple way without programming and sends data remotely via the MQTT and HTTP REST protocol

EasyLogXL ModBus MQTT HTTP REST DataLogger


EasyLog will interface with all your Modbus RTU and TCP devices

MQTT (the standard for IoT messaging) data logger for ModBus RTU & TCP devices.

EasyLogXL is a datalogger that allows interfacing with all ModBus RTU and TCP devices in a simple way without programming. It sends data remotely via FTP, MQTT and HTTP REST protocol.

EasyLogXL is remarkably simple and very powerful. The integrated web server allows fast and intuitive configuration and display of all variables, programming, data storage and sending to the Cloud. The data sampled by the ModBus MQTT HTTP REST datalogger is stored on a micro SD card. Saved files are sent to a Cloud server via MQTT, HTTP REST and FTP protocols.

Each ModBus slave, once configured, can be stored in device libraries for eventual reuse, saving considerable time for subsequent configuration and installation.
EasyLogXL implements the latest data security technologies such as TLS protocol and MQTT certificate management.

EasyLogXL is a ModBus MQTT datalogger ideal for data collection applications such as:

  • energy monitoring
  • metering
  • water treatment
  • management of renewable energy production facilities
  • process control
  • management of temperature control systems (Chiller, HVAC, humidification and heating systems)


A dedicated software for programming is not required. EasyLogXL in fact, thanks to the integrated web server, allows the configuration of each individual variable, the sampling time that can vary from 1 second up to 1 hour. The web server allows you to configure the network parameters, the data formatting mode (CSV or JSON), the time of sending the data remotely and the parameters for sending in MQTT. It is also possible to mirror the variables in a remote ModBus TCP server. This is an ideal function for duplicating information to a SCADA software or an advanced monitoring system

General characteristics

  • Manage up to 1000 variables or up to 1000 with the XL version.
  • 10-100Mb/s Ethernet port
  • DIN rail guide attachment (1 module)
  • Frontal panel LED signalling
  • Dimensions 90x70x65 mm
  • Working temperature -20°C +60°C
  • CE Certification (EN 61000-6-2,EN 61000-6-4 Norms)
  • Power supply 10-32VDC
  • Power consumption <: 1,5W
  • N. 1 RS485 serial interface (1200÷115200bps)

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