Radio Bridge Ethernet Serial


With the integrated radio module, NetLink allows devices with serial / Ethernet port to communicate between each other without wires up to 1 km.

Radio Bridge Ethernet Serial


Radio Bridge Ethernet Serial

High Gain Antenna

NetLink is now supplied with this antenna.
Not the one shown above


Radio Bridge: remote data transmission via radio communication

Radio Bridge Ethernet Serial

NetLink is a radio communication bridge. This serial Ethernet radio bridge can be used as a cable substitute for a long-distance connection. At the same time it also allows conversion between different communication channels.

Thanks to its point-to-multipoint configuration, NetLink allows users to create a true data collection network that is quick and easy to install.

Data can be transferred from Ethernet to serial, from serial to Ethernet or from serial to serial.

This radio bridge has been specially designed to create distributed data acquisition networks without electrical wiring

Thanks to the multiple Netlink interfaces, it allows the following functions:
– Serial/serial radio Bridge (RS232 and RS485)
– Serial/Ethernet radio Bridge and vice versa
– Ethernet/Ethernet radio Bridge
– Ethernet/serial converter


The radio transmission operates on free ISM Band (868 MHz in Europe). The ISM bands (industrial, scientific, and medical) are frequencies which can be used freely (free of charge and without authorisation) for industrial, science and medical applications.

The ISM band frequencies enable to have a compact radio bridge with a high range:

  • 868MHz radio frequencies can go through concrete walls
  • The transmission is not disturbed by obstacles such as human bodies (this is the case for Wifi and Bluetooth technologies at 2.4 GHz)
  • Interference’s are rare because this frequency is only used for industrial, science and medical applications.

The configuration APP enables all the parameters settings and the saving on Netlink through the NFC
These are the most common applications:
• Communication between master and slave Modbus
• Ethernet/serial protocol conversion
• Wireless data remotely transmission (3/500m) • RS232/RS485 protocol conversion

General features
• Ethernet port: 10-100Mb/s
• RS485 port: 1200-115200bps –
• RS232 port: 1200-115200bps –
• Front alert LED
• Size: 90x60x17mm, 1 DIN module
• Operating temperature -20°C +60°C

Electric features
• Power supply: 10-40VDC/19-28VAC
• Average absorption: <: 1,5W
• Near Field Communication (NFC) interface for configuration
• Radio module: 868MHz